Yard Waste

The final day for weekly yard waste service is December 14, 2018. For residents enrolled in the service, monthly pickups will be made on December 26, January 23 and February 27. Be sure to call 636-272-0477 in advance to notify staff that you will be setting out yard waste for collection.

O'Fallon Environmental Services customers are eligible for two yard waste service options:

Year-round pick up option featuring weekly service March - December and monthly winter service

Yard waste collection is an optional service available once per week from the 2nd Monday in March through the 2nd Friday in December of each year.

  • The cost is $5.62 per month ($11.25 for bi-monthly bill) and is billed throughout the year. A 1-YEAR COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED.
  • Service is same day as recycling. There will be two separate trucks picking up your yard waste and recycling.
  • Please limit each individual unit to 60 lbs. or less because of the manual pick-up process.

Yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings, limbs and branches (not to exceed 6 inches in diameter). Yard waste DOES NOT include dirt, sod, rock, concrete, asphalt, lumber, tree stumps or logs over 6 inches in diameter. No pet/animal feces can be included in yard waste.

Off-season Yard Waste Pick Up

Once-a-month yard waste collection is on the 4th Wednesday of the month in December, January and February. These collections must be scheduled in advance by calling 636-272-0477.

Please note: Twice a year, residents enrolled in the year-round yard waste service may request collection for up to twice as many units as guidelines allow, or up to 20 units (of bags, yard waste receptacles or bundles) instead of ten.

Call Environmental Services at 636-272-0477 to enroll in year-round pick-up service.

Free twice-a-year service

Twice a year, residents enrolled in the City’s trash and recycling service, but who do not have year-round service may to call in a request to customer service for free yard waste collection for up to 10 units. A unit is one yard waste bag, or one yard waste container or one bundle of sticks and limbs.

After the two free collections are logged, if additional yard waste collection is desired the customer has the option of enrolling in yard waste service (a one-year minimum commitment) or requesting a one-time pick-up at $2 per bag at a minimum charge of $20.

The guidelines for both services are as follows:

Yard waste may be disposed of in any of the following methods, but with no more than 10 of these combined:

  • Resident-owned refuse container
  • 30-gallon kraft paper yard waste bags (plastic bags are NOT acceptable)
  • Limbs/branches. 6 inches or less in diameter, four (4) feet or less in length, bundled in twine (NO WIRE). Bundles not to exceed two (2) feet in diameter.
  • Please limit each individual unit to 60 lbs. or less because of the manual pick-up process.

Call Environmental Services at 636-272-0477 in advance to schedule a pick-up.

In addition to curbside collection, Hansen's Environmental Wood Resources will accept yard waste from residents of the City of O'Fallon for a fee. Please call Hansen's directly at 636-379-1830 to schedule a drop-off and bring in a photo ID with your O'Fallon address.