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The Planning and Development Department is responsible for the current and future physical development of the City. Using O'Fallon's Municipal Code and the 2015 Update to the City's Comprehensive Plan, which was originally completed in 2008, staff, with the assistance of the the Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment and City Council, implements planning goals and principles to create a community that offers better choices for where and how our citizens live.

Important information on the new Downtown O’Fallon Overlay Plan
  • Recognizing the inherent differences in Downtown O’Fallon and wanting to encourage new development and redevelopment opportunities in the Downtown area, the O’Fallon City Council approved a Downtown Overlay District at their February 28th meeting. The new zoning begins immediately and continues a process that began back in November. The Council previously gave approval to add the Downtown district to the Zoning Code at the January 24th meeting, but Thursday’s vote added the District as a zoning overlay to the downtown area.

    The southern boundary of the district is I-70 and the northern boundary goes up main street to the commercial area around St. Joseph Street. The western boundary follows Woodlawn and the eastern boundary includes all parcels adjacent to Sonderen street. Please see attached map for reference. The regulations of this overlay district are intended to allow greater design flexibility, enhance the aesthetic appearance of the area and streamline the review and approval process within Downtown. New regulations for this area include: 

    • The District establishes limits on the commercial land uses that are allowed in downtown and adds a standard maximum building height of fifty (50) feet or three (3) stories; however, it also establishes a process for consideration of building heights up to six (6) stories under certain circumstances.
    • There are no minimum lot area requirements in this District and there are no lot coverage requirements in this District except that a minimum 20% of the lot is landscaped green space.
    • Parking requirements shall be consistent with existing ordinance requirements when possible, but will be reviewed and considered on an individual basis after evaluating existing conditions and space available. The Ordinance also outlines a process for review and consideration of parking plans in cases where minimum parking requirements cannot be provided onsite or a shared parking agreement cannot be acquired.
    • The proposed District acknowledges that some properties are constrained by space and present challenges when making improvements to sidewalks and roadways is necessary. The District provides options as to how the improvements are constructed.
    • Voluntary architectural, site design and signage guidelines.
    • The Downtown Overlay District allows "R-2", "R-3", “R-4”, “C-O”, "C-1", and "C-2" and Mixed Use Traditional Development Districts. 

Planning staff's responsibilities include the review of all land development plans, as well as issues relating to the City's zoning and other land use ordinances. The Department also has personnel involved in the creation and maintenance of the City's GIS-based computer mapping programs. The GIS Division also provides support to other departments.

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