Driveway Permits

Driveway Permits are required when:
  1. Replacement/modification of driveway within the City’s right-of-way (apron and sidewalk area), which includes the culvert (if applicable).
  2. Widening of driveway (regardless of location).
  3. Owner desires an additional driveway.
Driveway Permits are not required when:
  1. Only replacing the sections of driveway behind the sidewalk/right-of-way line up to the garage/car port.
  2. If a new home is being built under a separate building permit, then the driveway is included under that permit.

General Driveway Process

  1. Owner applies for a permit (scroll down for the online application process link). Permit costs $50 that can be payable online or at City Hall.
  2. Two inspections will be performed:
    • Rough inspection (occurs after removal of driveway, setup of forms for new driveway, proper subgrade, etc.)
    • Final inspection (occurs after completed product, removal of forms, backfill of dirt around edges, etc.)

Note: If there is a sidewalk through the driveway or impacted by the driveway construction, then the sidewalk shall be built to ADA standards.

Driveway Standards

  • All driveway entrances shall be built to grade. 
  • If a culvert is necessary in the opinion of the Engineering Department, no culvert smaller than twelve (12) inches in diameter shall be installed and no culvert shorter than sixteen (16) feet shall be installed; a larger culvert shall be installed wherever, in the opinion of the Engineering Department, it is necessary.
  • No driveway shall be constructed or built or partially constructed or built within two (2) feet from the side or rear property lines.
  • All driveway materials and thicknesses shall be per the attached “Integral Curb Detail “B” at Driveways”.
  • All driveway approaches constructed in conjunction with a sidewalk shall give the appearance that the sidewalk is continuous.  That portion of the driveway approach that doubles as a sidewalk shall have one fourth (1/4) inch per foot cross slope or the same as the abutting sidewalk. 
  • A two (2) inch expansion joint is required between the street and driveway approach.  One (1) additional two (2) inch expansion joint is required between the driveway and the garage floor slab.  Driveways continuing along the side of the garage shall also have a two (2) inch expansion joint placed across the full width of the driveway at the point where it meets the garage before continuing along the side.

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