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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Senior Citizens Police Academy


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Heritage & Freedom Fest


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Heritage & Freedom Fest


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Preliminary work on Main Street water main underway

O’Fallon has a water main that runs under Main Street. This main is more than 60 years old and – as the recent main breaks in the area have demonstrated – is in need of significant upgrades. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure this pipe can handle the increased flows throughout the main corridor of the City, ensuring more reliable, uninterrupted water service throughout all of North O’Fallon. The City has approved a project to begin engineering on this project from Pitman to Tom Ginnever, and we have retained engineering firm for the first phases of this multi-year project. Preliminary work is scheduled to be completed during 2016, with construction planned for 2017. Our goal is to complete this project with the least amount of disruption possible. To stay updated on this project, click here.

Please remember that fireworks are illegal in O’Fallon

Per City Ordinance 215.690, it is illegal for anyone within O’Fallon City limits to buy, sell, possess, store or discharge fireworks.

If you are found in violation of the ordinance you could be ticketed, fined and will have to appear in court. To report violations of the City’s fireworks ordinance, please call the Police Department’s non-emergency line, 636-240-3200.

O’Fallon does not allow fireworks stands in the City, and although some stands may appear to be within City limits they are actually in unincorporated pockets of St. Charles County. To inquire about these stands, please call St. Charles County at 636-949-7900.

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    Learn the latest on trash, recycling and yard waste pickup, bulk waste drop-off and holiday schedules. »»
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