Grants & Assistance

The Public Assistance Department administers grants used to revitalize neighborhoods, expand affordable housing and economic opportunities, and/or improve community facilities and services, principally to benefit low- and moderate-income persons.

Home Improvement Loan Program

The City of O’Fallon’s Home Improvement Loan Program (HILP) provides a one-time, no-interest forgivable loan of up to $5,000 to eligible residents to make repairs and improvements to owner occupied property.

Disabled Transportation

The City of O'Fallon has contracted with ZipCare Transportation LLC to provide disabled transportation to eligible O'Fallon residents. The following essential living appointments may be provided: medical appointments, grocery shopping, personal care shopping and banking. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon request. Riders must schedule their transportation 48 hours in advance. To schedule a ride, please call 314-292-7302 ext. 380, or go to, and click on "Schedule A Ride" and submit the request form.

For more information, please call ZipCare Transportation at 314-292-7302.

Emergency Homeless Prevention

The City of O’Fallon has contracted with the Salvation Army and Saints Joachim & Ann Care Service to administer the Emergency Homeless Prevention Program. The program helps low- to moderate-income O’Fallon residents on the verge of homelessness remain in their homes through financial assistance with mortgage, rent and utilities assistance.

For more information, please contact Saints Joachim & Ann Care Service at 636-441-1302.

Down Payment Assistance Program

The City of O’Fallon is offering the Down Payment Assistance Program to low and moderate income first-time buyers. Funded by funded through the St. Louis County HOME Consortium, find out more here.

Senior Transportation And Rides

The City of O’Fallon in partnership with the Mid-East Area Agency on Aging (MEAAA) is providing the Senior Transportation and Rides (STAR) Program. The goal of the activity is to provide transportation for necessary medical services to a limited number of eligible O’Fallon residents.

Project Home

Project HOME was founded with one goal in mind – preserving the City of O’Fallon as a great place to live for generations to come. Over the years, Project HOME funds have been used for a variety of purposes, but the focus has always been, “How can we make our community be a better place to live?”

Since 2005, Project HOME has provided assistance to low-income homeowners who need home repairs and provided special assistance to low-income residents with disabilities.