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When others are at their worst, you need to be at your best. O'Fallon's state-of-the-art law enforcement training center offers world-class facilities and training opportunities that prepare your officers for anything the world throws at them.

Book your law enforcement training session in a secure, state-of-the art facility at the O’Fallon Justice Center

Conveniently located just off I-70 in O'Fallon, Missouri, the O'Fallon Justice Center has been providing world-class training facilities to law enforcement professionals since 2017. This facility is committed to providing the highest standard of training to police officers and public safety agencies through state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive training spaces.

The O'Fallon Justice Center offers a spacious 70-seat training room, a 2,000 square-foot defensive tactics room, a 7-lane firing range and access to the VirTra V-300 Use of Force Training Simulator — the only such virtual training space in St. Charles County.

For more information or to book the Training Center, please contact Kara Ellis,Training Coordinator, at 636-379-5657 or


Spacious Training/Lecture Room

Focused on learning.

Training starts in the classroom. That's why O'Fallon's training/lecture room has all the tools you need to succeed. With tiered stadium-style seating for up to 70 attendees, there's no bad seat in the house. And, with top-of-the-line Wi-Fi enabled SmartBoards, Smart PC technology and 80" televisons, our tools ensure officers and instructors stay on the same page. Longer training sessions will appreciate thoughtful details, like computer charging ports at each seat and access to an in-room break area.

Key features

  • A tiered seating system for up to 70 students allows for an uninterrupted view of the presentation from anywhere in the room
  • A confidence board at the back of the room duplicates what’s shown on the presentation screen at the front of the room, so the instructor never has to turn his or her back to the class
  • Modern, focused technology includes:
    • Four SMART kapp boards (84” 4K TV monitors) are supported by a Crestron DigitalMedia™ Distribution Center
    • SMART boards allow instructors to select, write and erase on the interactive surface
    • High-speed Wi-Fi internet is available to instructors and all attendees
    • Every seat is equipped with USB and power outlets
  • Adjustable lighting options
  • Premium surround sound audio provides great acoustics from front to back of the room
  • Break area, including a coffee station

Control the entire room with convenient technology
Built-in break areas make longer training sessions more comfortable
Tiered seating means there's no bad seats in the house
Smart technology makes learning easier

VirTra V-300 Use-of-Force Simulator

Where high-tech meets high performance.

When it comes to split-second decisions, you're only as good as your training. This 300-degree virtual reality situation-based training platform allows officers to safely train for every situation. This immersive training environment is designed to teach, test and sustain your knowledge and skills through branching narratives and encounters based on your actions inside the simulator.

Key features

  • Five large screens offering panoramic training environments
  • Immersive surround sound speakers
  • Train with simulation-safe versions of your real gear, including lethal and less-lethal options
  • Hundreds of branching scenarios designed to test skills like de-escalation and use-of-force

300-degree panoramic views make you feel like you're there
Branching scenarios respond to your actions
Call up one of hundreds of scenarios designed to test your skills
Train with the gear you're already familiar with

Defensive Tactics Room

Hands-on learning.

In police forces across America, “use of force” has always been a critical concern. While officers are highly-trained in the use of pepper spray, tasers and firearms, the reality of modern policework is that most incidents involve hands-on use of force. Statistics show that the lower an officer’s skill level, the higher the chance an officer will panic and use more force than necessary or freeze and use less. This state-of-the-art facility is paired with world-class training programs to give officers the skills and experience necessary to effectively control resisting subjects.

Key features

  • 2,000 square feet of training space
  • Padded floors and walls to reduce injuries during training
  • RedMan and Combat Sports International Training Gear and equipment
  • Punching bags and pull-up bars
  • Classroom/observation area for focused instruction

The defensive tactics room has a wide variety of gear available
Classroom/observation seating
2,000 square feet of training space
Make use of complimentary gear for multiple training scenarios

Indoor 7-Lane Firing Range

Tactical training.

When lives are on the line, accuracy with your service weapon is critical, and there's no substitute for time on the range. O'Fallon's in-house 7-lane firing range allows officers and trainees to practice with pistols, rifles and shotguns. These generous 25-yard lanes offer distance shooting practice as well — and with drive-in cabilities for squad cars and vehicles, officers can practice a wide variety of situations inside the range, mirroring real-world scenarios they might face.

Key features

  • 25-yard firing lanes
  • Suitable for pistols, rifles and shotguns
  • Noise-baffling design
  • Drive-in capabilities for vehicles

The range is ideal for practicing with a variety of firearms
The range is perfect for close-quarters firing
Get comfortable with your gear at the range
Practice from up to 25 yards away

Training Opportunities hosted at O'Fallon Justice Center (PDF)

Fillable Application for Training (PDF)

O'Fallon, Missouri, One of America's "Best" and "Safest" Cities

    • 20 minutes to St. Louis Lambert International Airport; 40 minutes to Downtown St. Louis
    • Located in lively St. Charles County with more than 385,000 residents
    • More than 160 nearby restaurant options, from budget friendly to fine dining
    • Multiple hotels close to the Justice Center offer varying, affordable rates
    • O'Fallon's recent awards and accolades, include:
      • Ranked #1 large city (75,000+ pop.) in the State on “Safest Cities in Missouri,”, 2022
      • Ranked #1 on "Most Livable Small Cities in the U.S.,", 2021
      • Ranked #7 on "Best Cities to Raise a Family in Missouri,", 2019
      • Ranked #24 on Money magazine "Best Places to Live in America," 2019
      • Ranked #52 on "The Top 101 Safest Cities in America,", 2019
      • Safest large City in Missouri, National Council for Home Safety, 2018–2019
      • Ranked #42 on Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live,” 2017
      • #2 on Military Times‘ listing of “Best Places for Vets,” 2017
      • Named “Safest City in Missouri (pop. 75,000+), National Council of Home Safety and Security, 2017
      • Named one of Missouri’s safest cities by, 2016
      • Named one of Missouri’s safest cities by, 2016
      • and many more

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