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Civic Dance Studio

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O'Fallon Parks and Recreation Administrative Offices
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Renaud Center
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Enroll now! This great dance program encourages students to practice and improve throughout the school year and culminates with a Year-End Dance Recital. Class participation is crucial in preparing for the recital, so we ask that children commit to attending ALL classes throughout the year.

Regular participation in Civic Dance Studio is the best way to help students build a progressive foundation for dance as they learn and practice dance steps and master the skills the need.

For tuition information, please click on the Civic Dance tuition form near the bottom of this page. Tuition does not include the required dance class attire (dance shoes, leotards, tights) or recital costumes. Age requirements for classes are as follows:

Class Level Age(s)
Preschool 3–6
Prima 1 7+
Prima 3 10+
Intermediate 12+
Advanced 13+

Civic Dance Studio classes emphasize correct technique, placement, elegance and discipline. Class typically includes a warm-up, progressive steps across the floor and dance combinations. Ballet classes include ballet and pointe at the barre.

Students progress at different rates. To assign the class most helpful to them, dancers will be assessed for ability as well as age, with age considered secondary. Students also will be monitored to be sure that placement is correct. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to your child’s instructor.

For more information, contact Amy at 636-474-8120 or

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