O'Fallon Connected

Improving the Highway K, Main Street and Highway M corridor

Welcome to the website for the O’Fallon Connected corridor study. This three-phased plan will look at the north-south corridor that extends from the intersection of Highway M and Route 79 down to the I-64 and Highway K interchange. Highways M and K are both Missouri Department of Transportation (Mo-DOT) owned roadways, while Main Street, which runs through the heart of downtown, links the two and is owned by the City of O’Fallon.

Main Street Presentation to City Council on June 11, 2015

The consultant for this project is presenting the results of the Main Street portion of the study at the June 11, 2015, City Council Workshop. To see the presentation, the results from the Main Street Visioning Survey and more documents related to this presentation, please click here, choose the agenda for the June 11, 2015, Council Meeting Workshop and click on Item #1. All documents related to this presentation are included there.

Highway K & M Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Plan

The Highway K and M portions of this process will focus developing a Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Plan, which aims to better integrate pedestrian, bicycle, and automobile facilities along the corridor.

The resulting plan will fill in gaps in the existing sidewalk and trail network and improve connections to neighborhoods, parks, schools and other important destinations.  The plan will create connections across I-70 as well as I-64 to access Busch Wildlife and the Katy Trail. This project is about developing a complete, comprehensive, and cohesive transportation system for better transportation and recreational choices. Some of the important areas that will be studied include:

  • Improved and expanded trails and sidewalks
  • Upgrades to the South Bike Loop, with potential for expansion to other areas of the City
  • A new connection across I-70
  • A new connection south of I-64 in conjunction with Great Rivers Greenway to connect to Busch Wildlife and the Katy Trail
  • Improved crosswalks and pedestrian/bike traffic signals
  • The potential for a pedestrian bridge over Highway K
  • Enhanced landscaping and buffering
  • Explore modifications to driving lanes north of I-70 to better manage travel speeds
  • Improved parking and wayfinding
  • Relocation or burying some above ground utilities and storm water system improvements

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Project Documents

Get Involved

Your involvement is an important part of this project.  The project team will consider your input in the decision making process.  We welcome the thoughts, ideas, insights, and concerns of stakeholders, including business owners, residents, local officials, and commuters.

Your opinion can help shape this project. Please take the time to complete each of the following surveys. As each stretch of land in the study area is unique, there are three separate surveys, so please take the time to complete all three.

Main Street Corridor

The study started with a focus on the Main Street portion. This study included information gathering through public engagement and provide potential concepts for improving the streetscape, aesthetics, functionality and walkability of Main Street. Ultimately, this study will help guide the City’s efforts in strengthening Main Street as a vibrant corridor and economic driver for the City. Potential concepts that will be explored include:

  • Public infrastructure improvements and overall aesthetics
  • Walkability
  • Off-street parking
  • Wayfinding
  • Landscaping
  • Stormwater management
  • Relocation or undergrounding of utilities
  • Trail connections and development (includes possible trailheads)
  • Railroad on the north side of the area
  • Public Safety, access management and traffic speed

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