I-70 Traffic Flow Improvements Project

Welcome to O’Fallon’s I-70 Traffic Flow Improvements Project website. Have you experienced congested intersections and delays on I-70 through O’Fallon? This project is working to help traffic flow better, to make travel safer and more efficient, and to improve air quality.

The City of O’Fallon, Missouri, in conjunction with St. Charles County, is planning traffic flow improvements for Interstate 70 (I-70) between Mid Rivers Mall Drive on the east, and Bryan Road on the west. The I-70 Traffic Flow Improvements Project encompasses a 6-mile corridor including interchanges at Bryan Road, Route K, TR Hughes, and Route 79. The O'Fallon City Council passed a Resolution supporting this project at its January 23rd City Council meeting. The City, along with St. Charles County, has begun the process of working with both State and Federal agencies to secure funding for the project.

Resident benefits

Over the past 10 years, traffic along the I-70 corridor in O’Fallon has been increasing at a dramatic rate. If this is not addressed, growth will have a significant impact on O’Fallon’s quality of life. The changes being proposed are designed to reduce the number of traffic signals and significantly lessen wait times throughout the area.  Traffic signals, while necessary, slow traffic and create congestion.  In fact, in many cases, it will be significantly faster to drive a slightly longer distance than it would be to wait at multiple traffic lights.

Business benefits 

Businesses along the outer roads will have new opportunities as traffic will be exiting the highway onto roads that run right in front of their locations.  The City is also preparing a “wayfinding” signage plan to help direct vehicles to their destinations.  The congestion in the area of I-70 and Highway K (Main St.) will be relieved, providing better opportunities for customers to enter and exit businesses in this area. Sonderen and Woodlawn will have new exits off the interstate highway allowing better access to businesses on these roads.

Project Information

It is important to note that the O'Fallon City Council's support for the project was for Phase I only (T.R. Hughes Blvd. to Bryan Rd.): Resolution #1 (PDF), Resolution #2 (PDF).

The following visuals were all shared at the Public Open House on Thursday, January 16, 2014. To provide comments on these visuals, please visit the "Virtual Open House" link on the right-hand side of this page.

Get Involved

Thank you to everyone who gave us their thoughts through the Open House, the Virtual Open house or via email. Your involvement has been an important part of this project. 

Public Meeting

The Public Meeting for this project was held on Thursday, January 16, 2014 from 4 – 7 p.m. at O'Fallon City Hall.

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