Earthquake Safety

Earthquakes hit without warning and typically last about 30 seconds, so be prepared to ACT QUICKLY. St. Charles County homeowners are advised to carry earthquake insurance.

  • Map of the area
  • Special needs, for example, diapers or formula, prescription medicines and copies of prescriptions, hearing aid batteries, spare wheelchair battery, spare eyeglasses or other physical needs
  • Duct tape, plastic sheeting, scissors
  • Toilet paper, paper and/or cloth towels

If you have additional space, consider adding some of the items from your Evacuation Supplies Kit.

Earthquake survival tips

  1. TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY within 10 feet of where you are.
  2. Stay clear of anything that could fall down, tip over or break off. Most earthquake injuries are caused by falling objects and debris.
  3. Do not run into or out of buildings.
  4. Be prepared for aftershocks.

Safest place inside:
Under a sturdy table or desk. Hold on to it until the shaking stops. Second safest place is a strong, supported doorway.

Safest place outdoors:

Away from buildings, overpasses, bridges, powerlines, telephone or light poles or anything that could fall. Kneel and wait until the shaking stops.

Safest place in a car:

On the roadside clear of traffic and away from overpasses, bridges, powerlines, telephone or light poles, signs or anything that could fall.

Other resources

After the earthquake

At home, only use a flashlight to check the house for problems such as burst pipes, structural damage or gas leaks. If you smell gas, DO NOT turn on lights or strike a match.