Chief of Police

Timeline of Law Enforcement Officials

1856 – O’Fallon’s founding resident, business owner, postmaster and railroad agent Nicholas Krekel was probably the first file for the office of county sheriff, as well. As far as we know, he didn’t win.

1856 – 1959 – As in other townships, everyday peacekeeping fell to appointed town constables and marshals. Glennon Obrecht, William “Bill” Steiner, Sr., and Clinton “Bud” Prinster served as City Marshals.

1959 – O’Fallon’s police force turned professional with the hiring of Police Chief Rich Wilson.

Early 1960s – Russ Carter, a local shoe repairman, became the first elected rather than appointed City marshal.

Early 1970s – Bud Stevens is elected City marshal.

1975–1981 – Roy Thomas is elected Chief of Police.

1977–1980 – Tom Anderson serves as Police Administrator for approximately eight months, followed by Mike Bragg.

1981–1991 – Dan Granger was named the City’s first full-time Chief of Police

1985 – O’Fallon’s Safety Town program officially begins with a two-week, 25-hour safety course designed to promote basic safety skills for young children at home, school or play.

1991–1995 – Mike Kernan serves as Chief of Police

1995–2005 – Steve Talbott serves as Chief of Police

2005–2009 – Jerry Schulte serves as Chief of Police

2009 – William Seibert serves as Interim Chief of Police

2009–2018 – Roy Joachimstaler serves as Chief of Police

2019 – Gary George serves as Interim Chief of Police

2019 – Tim Clothier named as Chief of Police