Animal Codes and Ordinances


OWNER: Any person, partnership, or association or corporation owning, keeping, or harboring one (1) or more animals. An animal shall be deemed to be harbored if it is fed or sheltered for three (3) consecutive days or more.

PUBLIC NUISANCE: Any animal that habitually barks, howls, whines, or makes other sounds that disturb a person’s peace, or causes a foul or obnoxious odor to be emitted for the premises.

SURROUNDING ADJACENT PROPERTY: Premises on both sides, directly to the rear, on both sides of the premises, and directly across the street of the animal owner.

WILD ANIMAL: Any live non-human primate, raccoon, fox, skunk, poisonous reptile, bear, wolf, wolf-hybrid, cougar, leopard, jaguar, tiger, lion, lynx, bobcat, ocelot, or any other animal which can normally be found in the wild state. (Ord. No. 3130-3, 7-19-94)


Any owner having custody of any animal shall maintain control of that animal, and:

  1. Shall not permit the animal to be a public nuisance or disturb the peace of any person.
  2. Shall not permit the animal to be at large within the city limits.
  3. Shall not keep or allow to be kept on or about their property or premises, any fierce/ dangerous animal.
  4. Shall not keep, or cause to be kept, maintained, or controlled, more that three (3) animals, over the age of three (3) months, per household or business establishment, except:
    1. When a household owner obtains a written permission from all the surrounding adjacent property owners.
    2. When a business establishment is licensed to board, sell, care for, or protect animals.
  5. Shall ensure the animal is property vaccinated against rabies and other diseases as may be necessary; and displays a current St. Charles County Department of Health tag.
  6. Shall, if desired, and, after complying with Subparagraph (4) (a) or (b) supra, apply at the O’Fallon City Hall, by January first (1st) of each and every year, for a permit allowing more than three (3) animals per household or business establishment. Annual application to allow more than three (3) animals per household is on file in the City offices.
  7. Shall ensure the animal is provided with adequate care and adequate shelter.
  8. Shall keep every female dog or cat in heat confined in a building or secure enclose in such manner that such female dog or cat cannot come into contact with another animal except for a planned breeding.
  9. May use the electronic containment system commonly known as “Invisible Fence” as a restraint system for animals. The “Invisible Fence” may be used as a secondary restrain in addition to a visible primary enclosure. This system is permitted if all maintenance requirements to keep the “Invisible Fence” in good working condition are met.