Adopt-a-Siren Program

The O’Fallon Police Department invites citizens throughout the City of O'Fallon to volunteer in the Adopt-a-Siren program. Citizen volunteers are needed to help monitor each of the tornado sirens in the City’s Outdoor Warning Siren system and report whether or not specific sirens are working properly.

Any citizen can report a malfunctioning siren by calling 636-379-3816. However, the Adopt-a-Siren program will allow the Emergency Management team to contact knowledgeable volunteers directly if there is a question, concern or if additional information is needed for specific sirens.

Interested O’Fallon citizens must be within ¼ of a mile or within a block of adopted sirens, and they should go outside when sirens are tested each month so that accurate observations can be made. For that reason, up to five citizen volunteers for each siren are requested. Participation is completely voluntary and no legal obligations whatsoever are expected of observers.

Registration Form

Adopt-a-Siren locations

4001 Mo K/Laura Hill GPS: +38.780361, -90.698056
4002 Mexico/Barrington GPS: +38.790671, -90.682162
4003 Bryan/Osage Meadows GPS: +38.782558, -90.736948
4004 T.R Hughes/Public Works Dr. GPS: +38.805905, -90.676389
4005 N. Middle School GPS: +38.802997, -90.697205
4006 W. Terra/Genteman GPS: +38.804241, -90.731385
4007 Mo K/South of Mo N GPS: +38.751347, -90.700024
4008 N. Main/Tom Ginnever GPS: +38.492566, -90.415925
4009 MEMC Drive GPS: +38.814583, -90.659083
4010 Mo K/O'Fallon Rd GPS: +38.44500, -90.412460
4011 Weldon Spring/Henning GPS: +38.43390, -90.4313.80
4012 Mexico Rd/Pinehurst GPS: +38.471587, -90.424835
4013 MasterCard Drive GPS: +38.744804, -90.744259
4014 Ozzie Smith GPS: +38.49534, -90.404717
4015 England/Mo M GPS: +38.50586, -90.415855
4016 Paul Renaud & Country Trail Dr GPS: +38.451529, -90.472522

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For more information, contact Officer Pat Helton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 636-949-7900 ext. 4642.