Renewable energy


About Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy is electricity produced by an inexhaustible natural resource, or one that replenishes itself in a short amount of time.  Solar, geothermal heat, wind, hydroelectric, and biomass are all forms of renewable energy systems.  Due to their low air pollution and greenhouse emission output, renewable energies are the environmentally-preferred option over conventional fossil fuel.  Traditionally, the higher cost of renewable energy sources compared to traditional fossil fuels has been the major hurdle for renewable energy installations.  In recent years, renewable energy has become more economical due to the reduction of system costs, and to the introduction of incentives such as tax credits and utility rebates for residents and businesses.  The following incentives are available to help finance renewable energy systems:

O'Fallon's Renewable Energy Project

Solar panelsTo promote renewable and clean sources of energy the City of O'Fallon installed a 25 kW solar photovoltaic energy system on the roof of the Street Department maintenance building at 405 South Cool Springs Road.

It's anticipated that the system will produce approximately 34,710 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually, which is equivalent to providing enough energy to power six homes throughout the year. In addition to the solar panel installation, a 1 kW vertical axis wind turbine was installed on site. For more information please click on the project site.

An interactive website was developed to monitor the solar energy systems production. This website measures the amount of kW produce by the solar energy system on an hourly basis. On sunny days you will recognize a higher produce in energy compared to cloudy days. The website also displays the cost savings and reduction in carbon emissions of the solar energy system in comparison with the produce of fossil fuel energy. See the web-based monitoring system in action!