I-70 Traffic Flow Improvements Project

T.R. Hughes Blvd. to Woodlawn Ave.,
including the Highway K/Main Street interchange

Have you experienced congested intersections and delays on I-70 through O’Fallon? This project is working to improve the interchange at I-70 and Highway K/Main Street, relieve congestion on Highway K near I-70, help traffic flow better from T.R. Hughes Blvd through Woodlawn Avenue, make travel safer and more efficient and improve air quality.

The City of O’Fallon, Missouri, in conjunction with St. Charles County, studied traffic flow improvements for Interstate 70 (I-70) between Mid Rivers Mall Drive on the east, and Bryan Road on the west. After reviewing comments from the local businesses and residents, the public and exploring the various funding possibilities, it was decided that we need to streamline the project and really focus on the area from TR Hughes Blvd. to Woodlawn Avenue. With the cooperation of St. Charles County, the Missouri Department of Transportation and the East-West Gateway Council of Coordinating Governments, we are pleased to announce that the following plan will be moving forward with an estimated completion date of 2018.

Over the past 10 years, traffic along the I-70 and Highway K/Main Street corridors in O’Fallon has been increasing at a dramatic rate. If this is not addressed, growth will have a significant impact on O’Fallon’s quality of life. The interchange at I-70 and Highway K/Main Street has become an even greater challenge, with the number of traffic signals causing significant backups during most of the day. Traffic signals, while necessary, slow traffic and create congestion.  In fact, in many cases, it will be significantly faster to drive a slightly longer distance than it would be to wait at multiple traffic lights. These changes will reduce the number of traffic signals residents have to drive through and significantly reduce delays caused by the traffic signals that remain.

Businesses along the outer roads between T. R. Hughes Blvd and Woodlawn will have new opportunities as traffic will be exiting the highway onto roads that run right in front of their locations.  The City is also preparing a “wayfinding” signage plan to help direct vehicles to their destinations.  The congestion in the area of I-70 and Highway K (Main St.) will be relieved, providing better opportunities for customers to enter and exit businesses in this area. Sonderen and Woodlawn will have new exits off the interstate highway allowing better access to businesses on these roads.

Based on available funding and resident and business feedback, previously suggested larger projects have been refocused to target only the section between T.R. Hughes Blvd. and Woodlawn. The cost of this section is estimated to be $16 million.

As of April 2015, this project is fully funded with a combination of County Road Board, MoDOT, and federal dollars from East-West Gateway. The City is funding approx. $1.2 million of the project. O’Fallon’s funds will be used exclusively to address improvements along Route K.

Other I-70 outer road project webpages in St. Charles County include:

Schedule (Dates are tentative)

  • Right of Way Acquisition – November 2016 – November 2017
  • Final Plans – November 2017
  • Bid for Construction – January 2018- February 2018

  • Construction – March 2018 – March 2019

Milestones Completed

Route Maps (PDFs)

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