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Holiday Shopping Safety (Video)

Here are several tips that can help you stay safe during the holiday shopping season.

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Nosegrinds & Tailslides (Video)

Westhoff Park is already one of O'Fallon's best parks, and now it's gotten even better!

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Home Improvement Loan Program (Video)

This program helps low income families update their homes through a one time forgivable loan.

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New K-9 Car (Video)

The O'Fallon Police Department's K-9 program is credited with saving countless work hours for the officers. Now their job got a little easier thanks to this purchase.

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Highway 364 upgrade (Video)

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved funding for the third phase of the Route 364 upgrade project on August 3, 2011.  This project will be awarded using a design-build contract, where the contractor designs the project and then builds it.

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CLIP (Video)

Crews have begun work on the first project in O'Fallon's Citywide Landscape Identity Plan (CLIP) campaign.

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Business Matters (Video)

O’Fallon maintains a close working relationship with the local business community and also with state-wide economic development organizations, developers, site location professionals and others involved in business development.

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Sports Nutrition with Suzanne McComb (Video)

Get the most out of your fitness program - let registered dietitian Suzanne McComb help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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On Patrol (Video)

The Patrol Division is the largest division in the police department. Officers patrol the City of O'Fallon 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, responding to most calls for service. The police department responds to approximately 30,000 calls for service annually.

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On the Route (Video)

O'Fallon's Environmental Services Department handles the pick-up of trash, bulk items, recyclables and yard waste for residents.

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